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Monday, 7 May 2012

R.I.P. - Rhett Lee Butler

- NAiTO -
13 Track Demo by Rhett Lee Butler & jsm

NAiTO, aka Rhett Lee Butler and jsm started their one year collaboration in march99, to make music suitable for the millenium.

Taking the very best of skilled live performance, and fusing this with cold cutting edge programming and arranging, to produce a very original and Fresh sound.

The thing I loved about the NAiTO collaroration most of all, is how the excellent and highly skilled Guitars of Rhett Butler, were complimented and added to by the tight and sharp editing and programming of jsm (me).Something I had always envisaged would work, but not until NAiTO, was I to realise just how well!

  and 'make me wanna, well I had to stick it in here as Rhett did such a brilliant job of singing it for me. so much so that i accidentally deliberately lost my vocal version. aaah what a shame as i would have loved all you to get to hear it. phew!, thnx Rhett...
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